It's snack time. What's in your jerky?
Dogs love to snack on tender, moist jerky treats. It's the favorite style of treat for almost every dog. Yum yum! Rather than feeding a jerky with artificially preserved by-products and fillers at Zuke's we believe dogs deserve the benefits of healthy, all-natural nutrients. That's the difference in Jerky Naturals.

Junky Jerky is everywhere!
Walk the aisles of your local grocery store and the evidence is clear. Traditional dog jerky is loaded with "bad-for-your-dog” ingredients. A typical ingredient list will include: the preservative BHA, tallow, lard, by-products, ground corn or wheat, and artificial colors and flavors. Dyeing them red to look like fresh meat is a favorite tactic.

Bad ingredients have bad consequences.
The effects of by-products, artificial ingredients, and nasty preservatives are showing up in the happiness and longevity of our dogs. Many times dogs don't seem like dogs because of what they eat. They display sluggishness and discomfort. Diseases like diabetes and cancer are also problematic and are becoming more commonplace. Bad ingredients can produce bad results in the long run. Keeping your dog happy and healthy

Zuke's Jerky Naturals take the junk out of "junky jerky”. Our jerky is loaded with "good for your dog” ingredients. We start with a base of fresh beef and follow with rice flour, soy flour, malted barley, apple, carrots, canola oil, flax seed, garlic and molasses. Plus, we add 20 essential vitamins and minerals and vitamin C. Jerky Naturals are delicious. Their tender, meaty texture makes even picky dogs wag their tails for more. Jerky Naturals are the naturally scrumptious treat that will keep your dog going for years to come.

No wheat, corn, harsh preservatives like BHA, artificial colors or flavors, added tallow, by-products, or unhealthy fillers make them a naturally scrumptious treat.

Jerky Naturals - the healthy choice in dog jerky. Delicious beef flavor.

Ingredient What it is and/or does
Real Beef Excellent source of highly digestible protein
Rice Flour Hypo-allergenic Protein Flour
Soy Flour Protein and Complex Carbohydrates
Malted Barley Simple & Complex Carbohydrates
Dextrose Simple Carbohydrate
Apple Flakes Source of Pectin and Dietary Fiber
Canola Oil (preserved w/mixed tocopherols) Source of fatty acids and vitamin E - Good for a shiny Coat
Glycerin Provides soft texture
Dried Molasses Natural, Simple Carbohydrates
Carrots Flakes Natural Fiber, Vitamin A
Ground Flax Seed Good for Coat, Skin, Eyes
Garlic Flakes Boosts the Immune System
Brewers Yeast Natural Source of B-Vitamins
Lecithin Texture and Shape
Dicalcium Phosphate Mineral - Source of Calcium
Dried Cheese Calcium and Protein
Potassium Chloride Mineral - Source of Potassium
Calcium Carbonate Mineral - Source of Calcium
Phosphoric Acid Natural Preservative
Sorbic Acid Natural Preservative (Vitamin C derivative)
Natural Smoke Flavor Dogs love the flavor!
Flax Seed Oil Good for Coat, Skin, Eyes

Vitamins and Mineral Supplements
Vitamin A Vitamin D3
Vitamin E Vitamin B12
Vitamin C Zinc Oxide
Niacin Iron Sulfate
Manganous Oxide Copper Sulfate
Pantotheinic Acid Potassium Iodate
Thiamine Mononitrate (B1) Riboflavin (B2)
Pyridoxine Hydrochloride (B6) Biotin
Sodium Selenite Menadione
Folic Acid

Guaranteed Analysis
Crude Protein 10% (min)
Crude Fat 5% (min)
Crude Fiber 3% (max)
Moisture 29% (max)

No wheat, corn, harsh preservatives like BHA, artificial colors or flavors, added tallow, by-products, or unhealthy fillers make them a naturally scrumptious treat.

Manufacturer: Zuke's

Type: Treat

Size: 8 oz.