The Booster Bath is a patented one of a kind dog washing tub. Both the tub and pedestal are constructed of 1/4" thick ultra violet stabilized high density polyethene for longer life and durability.

The raised Booster Bath is lightweight and portable, only weighing 23 pounds. Yet it is capable of supporting several hundred pounds.

Rubberized non slip mat is 3/8" thick for durability and longer life. Eliminating any slipping and sliding. This greatly reduces stress for both you and your dog.

The shampoo caddie is designed to hold a large shampoo, conditioner and brush. No more spilling, or bending over and chasing the shampoo bottle.

Triple Leash restraint with quick connect collar is durable and adjustable. Leashing is important.

The exit hose is 6' long and allows you to wash in one area and discharge water in another.

Rubber grips attached to the bottom of the pedestal keep the Booster Bath from slipping when you dog enters or exits.

Last but not least the Booster Bath comes with a fan nozzle. The fan nozzle water pattern is very effective for washing dogs, because the shape of the spray suites the shape of the dog. The water comes out with heavy volume like your home shower does. This nozzle also has a combination volume control and on/off valve. The convenient hook provides quick and easy access between rinses.

The tub and pedestal are held together with large non-corroding stainless steel screws and large plastic five star knobs with stainless steel inserts. If necessary this allows for quick and easy disconnection of tub and pedestal. The pedestal nests inside the tub for compact storage or travel.

No-Slip 3/8 Thick Rubberized Bath Mat
Easy Access Shampoo Caddy
Shower Nozzle Snaps on Tub
Rubber Grips Keep Tub Stationary
U-Shaped Entrance-3" Lip: Pets Step In
Drain w/ 5Ft. Exit Line
Adjustable Triple-leash restraint w/ adjustable quick connect collar attached


Manufacturer: Paws For Thought

Type: Dog Bath