Spot's Stew all natural healthy homemade food for dogs and cats. Your pets will enjoy the most delicious, wholesome, high quality food to hit the face of the planet!! Holistic veterinarians agree there's nothing better than a balanced, homemade diet, so let our gourmet chefs do all the work and you can take all the credit for the healthiest pets in the world!

No Chemicals, Artificial Preservatives, By-Products or Fillers. Just USDA APPROVED CHICKEN, CARROTS, ZUCCHINI, SQUASH, GREEN BEANS, CELERY, and all the other important nutrients guaranteed to keep your pets happy and in glorious good health! Spot's Stew is delicious and heals from within. Made in a USDA kitchen so it's got to be great!

Manufacturer: Halo, Purely for Pets

Type: Food

Size: 7.5 oz. (15 oz. can shown)