There’s a new bone in town to take bad breath away.
BREATH-A-LICIOUS™ is it’s name and bad breath is its game. Natural Products for Pets introduces a delicious, all natural, healthy way to help fight bad breath and battle tartar build up, the Breath-A-Licious bone. The new Breath-A-Licious bone is packed with odor and and tartar fighting ingredients. Breath-A-Licious bones contain natural herbs including peppermint, parsley, dill, fennel and chlorophyll that not only freshen breath and clean teeth but also aid in digestion.. Taste tests prove dogs prefer the taste of Breath-A-Licious over all the leading breath bones. With a min 35% protein content , Breath-A-Licious bones are ideal for dogs of all ages. Breath-A-Licious bones are available in 3 sizes..small, medium and large and are individually wrapped for freshness. BREATH-A-LICIOUS™ eliminates bad breath for dogs

Manufacturer: Dancing Paws

Type: Dental Treat

Size: 3 Sizes for small, medium, large dogs