Promotes healthy skin and shiny coats. Provides the perfect ratio or Omega 6 (Borage Oil) and Omega 3 (Fish Oil) that resolve canine and feline skin disorders including: seborrhea, pruritis, allergic itching, dry skin, hot spots and rashes. Veterinary research throughout the world has shown that only oils which provide GLA, EPA and DHA are of significant help solving canine and feline skin and coat disorders. A combination of fish oil and evening primrose or borage oil has shown to be the most beneficial. Common vegetables oils such as oil, sesame, soy and flax seed oil are so ineffective they are sometimes used as placebos in controlled studies.

What are the sources of GLA, EPA and DHA?
Fish Oil: = n3 derivatives of DHA and EPA. Sources of DHA and DPA are fatty fish from cold waters. Borage Oil = n6 derivatives of GLA. Sources of GLA are evening primrose, borage, hemp seed and black currant seed oil.

Do commercially prepared pet foods contain enough Omega 3 & 6's?
No. Because the EFA's especially the n3 family are very perishable. EFA's are destroyed by heating , processing and moderate to high temperature cooking. They also turn rancid relatively rapidly and cannot be used in satisfactory amounts in pet and human foods which are designed to sit on the grocery or cabinet shelf for months unrefrigerated.

Each tsp. Contains:
Borage Oil Providing GLA 500 mg
Fish Oil Providing 4000 mg
Vitamin A 200 mg
Vitamin D 200 mg
Vitamin E (d-1 alpha tocopherol) 1000 iu

Manufacturer: Ark Naturals

Type: oil lotion

Size: 4 oz. Bottle