Gentle eye wash cleaner formulated to heal and maintain healthy eyes.

Eyes So Bright™ is a gentle natural eye wash formulated to both cleanse pet eyes and promote healing of sore, inflamed, and infected eyes.

Formulated by an herbal scientist using only premium human-grade botanical extracts. Safely removes foreign debris and encrustations. Reduces inflammation, irritation, and infection. Helps treat and prevent conjunctivitis.

What special ingredients does Eyes So Bright™ feature?
Aloe Vera Juice: Soothing eye cleanser, carries debris out of eyes; stimulates tissue healing
Echinacea: Stimulates the immune system, topical anti-inflammatory,
Gotu Kola: Topical anti-inflammatory; promotes healing of blood vessels, connective tissue and skin.
Goldenseal: Anti-microbial, assists healing of mucous membrane infections, mild astringent to help prevent weeping and oozing tear ducts.

Use as directed on label to remove debris and encrustation from eyes. Can be use for cats, dogs, rabbits, and other smaller pets. Note: If eye infections are severe, or pet's eyes are heavily swollen or crusted, or cannot be normally cleansed, please see your veterinarian.

Each 5 oz. Bottle Contains:
Deionized Water .70 liters
Witch Hazel .05 liter
Goldenseal Extract .02 liter
Aloe Juice HF, FG .2 liter
Gotu Kola Extract .025 liter
Echinacea Extract .015 liter

Manufacturer: Ark Naturals

Type: Lotion

Size: 5 oz. Bottle