Immuno ReJuv is an advanced multi-patented, canine/feline nutritional supplement. It is a synergistic blend of Gluta-Syn (TM) and N.N. Dimethylglcine that enhances oxygen utilization, increases antioxidant activity, and improves performance and recovery time. Animals love the taste of this liver flavored powder so compliance is high.

What is Gluta-Syn (TM)?

Gluta-Syn (TM) is a multi-patented, unique, undenatured milk serum protein isolated from whey, and is a by-product of cheese making. It has been extensively tested in studies for it's impact on immune system activity, muscle metabolism, longevity and antioxidant support. Gluta-Syn (TM) provides the necessary precursors (building blocks) to synthesize Glutathione within the cell. Glutathione is the master antioxidant of the cell produced by the body. It acts as a regulator of other antioxidants, a detoxifying agent, an immune system modulator and helps to regulate protein, DNA biosynthesis and cell growth. Glutathione can not be effectively transported into the cell so it must be manufactured within. Gluta-Syn (TM) by passes this problem because it provides the necessary precursors, or building blocks. to synthesize Glutathione within the cell.

What is Dimethylglycine or DMG?

DMG is a nutrient produced in the body that acts as an agent of cellular metabolism. It forms part of the Choline, Betaine, and Sarcosine cycle in the cell. Animals produce DMG in small amounts and research indicates that supplementing with DMG enhances oxygen utilization at the cellular level and increases immune response (antibody and lymphocyte production) by over 400%. DMG has anti-inflammatory properties, too! Our manufacturer has been awarded 4 U.S. patents for DMG in these areas.

Immuno ReJuv combines Gluta-Syn(TM) and DMG into one superior formula that provides a superior level of support that will boost performance, improve recovery from physical stress or disease and enhance the immune system.

What are some of the conditions that Immuno ReJuv would be exceptional for?

1. Cataracts:

Cataracts form as a result of free radical damage and injury to the eye. The use of certain drugs, diabetes, environmental toxins and progressive aging of the lens also contribute to cataract formation. Because the formation of free radicals attack structural proteins, enzymes and cell membranes of the lens, the antioxidant protection in Immuno ReJuv offers superior protection. DMG has been shown to retard cataract development due to increased oxygen intake in the lens of the eye. Increased circulation may also mean increased ability to rid the optical area of debris. Gluta-Syn(TM) supplies the body with the raw materials to synthesize gluthathione, the key antioxidant in the lens. The major function of gluthathione is to protect the lens from ulta violet radiation and preserve clarity. As a free radical svavenger, gluthathione neutralizes free radicals and helps to remove toxic hydrogen peroxide in the lens.

2. Diabetes:

Improving glucose metabolism and providing ocular support against the development of glaucoma, cataracts, diabetic retinopathy and macular degeneration is important for th ediabetic patient. DMg has ben shown to improve glucose metabolism. Servere diabetics also have impaired circulation and DMG benefits circulatory problems by better using oxygen at the cellular level. By combining DMG & Glutasyn, Immuno ReJuv offers the antioxidant, circulation and immune system support necessary to effectively manage diabetes and protect against potential eye disorders associated with this disease.

3. Immune Related Disorders (skin allergies, gingivitis, feline Leukemia):

Immuno Rejuv provides two very effective nutrients that work on the same problem from two different directions. Supplementing with Immuno ReJuv can boost the immune system 400% and ensure superior antioxidant protection against the destructive free radicals that are produced when the animals' immune system confronts a pathogen (any agent that causes disease). For example: recurring infections typically typically indicate a depressed immune system, resulting from antioxidant deficiency.

4. Performance Problems (show, sport, endurance):

Immuno ReJuv provides superior antioxidant protection (against the free radicals that are produced by activities that require more oxygen) and allows the animal to use oxygen more efficiently at the cellular level. This results in:

A reduction of lactic acid build up

Less cramping

Shortened recovery time after strenuous exercise

Ability to maintain peak performance for longer periods of time

Returns post stress blood lactate levels back to normal more quickly

Additional notes and some useful terms:

Immuno ReJuv is completely safe food and can be used on any age or size aniaml, including pregnant and lactating bitches. There are no contraindications (meaning something as a symptom or condition that makes a particular treatment or procedure inadvisable).

Undernatured -- The proprietary process of protein isolation and ultra filtration leaves the proteins intact (undernatured) in their natural form. This allows for a greater level of active cysteine being delivered to the cells where it can be converted into Gluthione. When compared to other whey products, Immuno ReJuv can provide 2 to 3 times greater intracellular glutathone synthesis.

Antioxidant -- Substances that unite with oxygen. Protecting cells and other bodily constituents such as enzymes from being destroyed or modified by oxygen exposure/ these mechanisms are very selective, acting against unwanted oxygen reactions but not interfering with desirable ones. A substance that neutralizes free radicals. Some are manufactured in the body, others are derived from food.

Free Radical -- A toxic by-product created by too much or to little oxygen.

Free Radical Scavenger -- Neutralizes free radicals. Prevents them from attacking cellular constituents like enzymes, cell membranes and RNA & DNA molecules.

Immune System Modulator -- In order to optimize the response of the immune system, the lymphocytes need to be able to replenish and maintain adequate amonts of Glutathione.

Regulator of Antioxidants -- Recycles Glutathione Vitamin C & E. The effectiveness of other antioxidants is linked to the availability of adequate Glutathione.

Regulator of Protein, DNA Biosynthesis and Cell Growth -- Glutathione plays an active roll in metabolism, growth and tissue repair. Aging occurs when cells lose their ability to replicate and regenerate themselves. Increasing the level of Glutathione in the body decreases the frequency of DNA breakdown, promotes protein synthesis and repair mechanisms.

Whey -- Watery liguid that is high in protein. A by-product of cheese making.

Studies -- Clemson University double blind study, published in The Journal of Infectious Diseases.

DMG increased the immune response by 400%( both antibody and lymphocyte production). In another study, DMG was also shown to double macrophage and interferon production.

Manufacturer: Animal Lovers

Type: Supplement

Size: 300 grams