A Grape Seed Extract: Used successfully in dogs for allergies, chronic respiratory problems,diabetes, inflammatory conditions and some types of skin problems as well as ear infections and chronic herpes in the eyes of cats. DeAllergize is rich in a special class of water-soluble bioflavonoids called proanthocyandins or PCO'S. PCO'S are instantly absorbed and quickly distributed throughout the body. They are 50 times more potent than Vitamin E and 20 times more potent than Vitamin C as an antioxidant

Allergies & Asthma: DeAllergize for Dogs is exceptional for allergies and asthma because PCO'S dilute the histamine levels in the blood stream by acting upon the enzyme (decarboxlyase) that changes the amino acid histidine into histamine. Also, because the imflammation in allergies or asthma involves free radical production, DeAllergize can help reduce some of this imflammation because it is a free radical scavenger. The PCO'S in DeAllergize also protect Vitamin C, which is needed to produce collagen; they bind to connective tissue fibers themselves, helping to protect and maintain their resilliency and they help to reduce histamine.

Exzema/Pruritis/Poor Skin: DeAllergize offers an alternative therapy for customers with some difficult skin problems.The PCO'S found in DeAllergize are an important part of skin nourishment. Collagen is the primary component of skin. An interlacing of collagen fibers with a fine net of elastin gives skin its strength, elasticity, and smoothness. DeAllergize reactivates damaged collegen and elastin by protecting them against further attack by free radicals and degrading enzymes like elastase and collagenase. DeAllergize binds to collegen fibers and realigns them to a more youthful, undamaged form. Combined with it's ability to scavage free radicals makes it a great therapy for those tough skin problems.

Chronically Ill Animals - Antioxidant Use: Free Radicals may be responsible for a number of degenerative and chronic illnesses in the body. Free radicals are formed by normal biochemical processes, or they may be formed by exposure to radiation, rancid oils, some food additives, pollutants (heavy metals, chemicals) or by faulty nutrition. Free radicals are unstable atoms in search of an electron. By combining with normal atoms, they are capable of destroying enzymes, protein cells, fats and cell membranes. DeAllergize, as a potent free radical scavenger, can protect these chronically ill animals form diseases such as allergies, asthma, herpes,skin conditons and inflammation

Diabetes: Diabetics are prone to circulatory insuficiences and vascular fragility. PCO'S improve peripheral circulation and reduce vascular fragility and have been used in France for many years in the treatment of diabetic retinopathy. Because PCO'S are considered a pharmaceutical product in France, 6 years of intensive analytical, toxilogical pharmacological and clinical studies were performed - all of which proved, beyond a shadow of a doubt that they are safe as well as effective. Analytical and toxilogical studies include: mutagenic, carcinogenic, teratogenic and antigenic.

Some additional notes on DeAllergize for Dogs:


Enhances the healing of work-out related injuries because protects against free radical damage.

Improves circulation

Decreases cramping


Can prevent or slow the accumulation of cholesterol - helping to prevent buildup of plaque.

Promotes and stimulates the repair of collagen rich connective tissue in the artery walls.

Arthritis/Inflammation (works 2 ways)

1. As an antioxidant, protects Vitamin C (which is necessary for making collagen and restoring it), thus, can lead to better joint flexibility.

2. Inflammation involves production of free radicals. Again PCO'S are potent free radical scavengers, thus a reduction of inflammation.

Free Radical: Present in polluted air, tobacco smoke, some foods, pesticides, ultraviolet radiation. Highly reactive molecules and fragments of molecules that damage the body at the cellular level. They set the stage for cancer, heart disease, and degenerative disease.

Antioxidant: A compond (Vitamin, bioflavanoids, Q10, Amino Acids, ect.) that deactivate free radicals. Helps to minimize damage and prevent disease.

Brain Function

Protects blood vessels

Crosses blood brain barrier to protect brain cells

Promotes better circulation, thus better cell nourishment.


Can be a result of broken capillaries.

Helps prevent stroke by strenghening cappillaries and other blood vessels


Micro bleeding due to weak capillaries

Manufacturer: Animal Lovers

Type: Supplement

Size: 60 ct. Capsules