In partnership with, we've created an Affiliate Program that is as simple to set-up and administer as possible. However, we have a few terms and conditions that you must understand and agree to before getting started. The terms and conditions set forth in this agreement are governed by the laws of the State of New Jersey.

Affiliate Application MUST be completed in its entirety

You (the Affiliate) agree to promote to the fullest extent possible (on website, newsletter, etc.)

The Affiliate will not direct the banner link to a page other than our home page ( in accordance with the guidelines established by

Only the approved banners/icons should be used in the link.

You understand that you will granted a unique Affiliate ID and agree not to share it.

You understand you will earn up to 10% for every sale generated by your Affiliate account.

You understand that your commission is based on the net sale, which is the sale amount less any shipping fees, discounts, and returns.

You understand that only payments in excess of $25 will be processed. Referral fee balances lower than $25 will continue to accrue until reaching the $25 level. All funds payable in US Dollars.

You understand that your participation in the program can be terminated at any time without reason by you or by Just4Pooches, LLC.

This agreement is exclusively related to the provision of a commission on sales created by referrals by the banner on Affiliate's page. The term, 'Affiliate', does not imply any formal association with Just4Pooches, LLC, and the Affiliate does not have any rights with respect to our products, logos or trademarks.

The Affiliate is not permitted to represent Just4Pooches, LLC in any way other than displaying a banner on the web site. No accompanying text is to be displayed along with the banner.

We will not be responsible for any cookie failure that may result in the user's clicks going unregistered.

We reserve the right to cancel the Affiliate Program without notice. If this should occur, all Affiliates will be issued with a check corresponding to any outstanding amount in their account.

Any tax liability on the amount of commission received will be the sponsor's responsibility.

No Adult, pornographic, gambling or other non-family affiliates permitted

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