Hypoallergenic Shampoo is a tearless formula that gently cleans without soap while adding moisture and body. Great for pets with dry or sensitive skin. Prefect for puppies and kittens. Helps stop itching and soothes rough, scaly, irritated, sore or dry skin. Keeps normal hair coat soft, healthy and shiny.

Hot Spot Shampoo is a natural, medicated shampoo with Tea Tree Oil. Provides fast relief from itching caused by flea allergy dermatitis and pollen allergies while it soothes, heals and conditions. Relieves "hot spots," and raw, red, inflamed skin.

All-in-1 Flea Shampoo for cats and dogs controls fleas with pure, natural d' Limonene from citrus sources while at the same time soothing sore, irritated skin with Oatmeal and Tea Tree Oil. Fast Flea Relief and soothes sore skin.

Available is hypoallergenic, hot spot and flea (oatmeal) formulas.

Manufacturer: Veterinarian's Best

Size: 16 oz.