Pet Aromatics aromatherapy sprays are designed to promote a positive aromatherapy experience for your pets, you, and the living environment that you both share. These alcohol free aromatic spritzers combine the finest essential oil blends, a macadamia nut oil emulsifier & aloe vera to create a great scent that also conditions and soothes your dogs coat. Spritz on your dogs dry coat, brush through and enjoy the aroma-therapeutic benefits of your favorite essential oils. Pet Aromatics are also ideal for spritzing in any room or on bedding and furniture to freshen and cover pets unwanted odors. These products are made with nature's best ingredients mixed with a generous portion of love.

Comes in all six scents: Woodsy Woof, Dew Drop Doggie, Bow Wow Bouquet, Rose Petal Pooch, Honeysuckle Hound & Canine Coconut

Manufacturer: Pet Aromatics

Type: Aromatherapy Spray

Size: 4 oz. bottle


Woodsy Woof

Eucalyptus - natural insect repellent with antibiotic and antiviral healing qualities
Fir needle - natural deodorant / energizing / invigorating
Lavender - relaxing / cooling / restorative
Clove - clarifying / fortifying

Dew Drop Doggie

Sandalwood - grounding / balancing / comforting
Lemon Grass - refreshing / natural deodorant /natural insect deterrent
Peppermint - relaxing / natural insect repellent / helps relive itching

Bow Wow Bouquet

Jasmine - happy / uplifting
Geranium - very balancing / restores calm / natural antiseptic / natural insect repellent
Lavender - claming / a natural insect repellent / promotes stability / relives skin rashes

Rose Petal Pooch

Rose Petal Pooch is scented with Rose, which calms nervous tension, Ylang Ylang, which soothes irritated skin, Peru Balsam bark, which soothes chafed skin, and Vanilla to hydrate the skin.

Honeysuckle Hound

Honeysuckle Hound is scented with Honeysuckle essence, a calming agent, and Mediterranean rosemary leaf, which is a natural insect repellent.

Canine Coconut

Canine Coconut is scented with coconut, banana, vanilla, and italian cyprus stem- a natural insect repellant as well as a natural antiseptic.