An 8 oz. tube of Dog Bath Shampoo/Conditioner in one. It contains no harsh chemicals, is alcohol free, detergent free, pesticide and phosphate free. Made with only vegetable based cleansers and natural conditioners such as aloe vera, chamomile, oat flour protein and macadamia and almond oil.

Comes in all six scents: Woodsy Woof, Dew Drop Doggie, Bow Wow Bouquet, Rose Petal Pooch, Honeysuckle Hound & Canine Coconut

Manufacturer: Pet Aromatics

Type: Shampoo / Conditioner

Size: 8 oz. tube


Canine Coconut
Coconut - a tropical escape
Banana- fun and fruity
Vanilla - pleasurable/ calming

Dew Drop Doggie
Sandalwood - grounding / balancing / comforting
Lemon Grass - refreshing / natural deodorant /natural insect deterrent
Peppermint - relaxing / natural insect repellent / helps relive itching

Bow Wow Bouquet
Jasmine - happy / uplifting
Geranium - very balancing / restores calm / natural antiseptic / natural insect repellent
Lavender - claming / a natural insect repellent / promotes stability / relives skin rashes

Woodsy Woof

Custom made essential oil blends for fragrance. Woodsy Woof is scented with Eucalyptus which is a natural insect repellent, Fir needle, which repels lice and fleas, and Lavender, which helps relieve itching.

Rose Petal Pooch

Custom made essential oil blends for fragrance. Rose Petal Pooch is scented with Rose, which calms nervous tension, Ylang Ylang, which soothes irritated skin, Peru Balsam bark, which soothes chafed skin, and Vanilla to hydrate the skin.

Honeysuckle Hound

Custom made essential oil blends for fragrance. Honeysuckle Hound is scented with Honeysuckle essence, a calming agent, and Mediterranean rosemary leaf, which is a natural insect repellent.