Ozzy's Christmas Ornament (large) - Clear Christmas ornament with silver filling and 5 oz. of Ozzy's all natural peanut butter treats. Choice of: Training Squares or stars.

Dogs simply can not resist Ozzy's Dog Biscuits. Our treats are homemade and all natural, made with only high-quality, human grade ingredients. Ozzy's treats are free of sugar, preservatives and artificial coloring.

Dogs love Ozzy's original peanut butter treats! Ingredients: whole wheat flour, oat bran, peanut butter, egg, soybean oil and salt.

Ozzy's BBQ Bars are perfect for dogs with wheat allergies. The BBQ sauce provides a wonderful, meaty flavor; but the treats are completely vegetarian! Ingredients: spelt flour, barbecue sauce, soybean oil and water.

Since Ozzy's Dog Biscuits are free of preservatives, storage in a cool, dry place is recommended. Ozzy's Dog Biscuits will stay fresh in the refrigerator or freezer for months.

Manufacturer: Ozzy's Dog Biscuits

Type: Dog Treats

Sizes: 5 oz.