Even when we feed our dogs the best possible diet and provide vitamin and mineral supplements, many animals still do not attain the anticipated level of health.

The reason could be a deficiency of digestive enzymes.

Veterinarians and pet nutritionists often find such deficiencies and recommend digestive enzyme supplements. By aiding in the breakdown of food, these supplements help animals get more nutrients from their food.

The results, according to the experts, include improved hair coat and skin, resistance to illness, vigor and mobility, and maintenance of good body weight.

Canine Digestive Enzymes can be used instead of more expensive animal based pancreatic enzyme supplements!

Research shows a strong link between enzyme deficiency and disease. Typical signs to look for are voluminous stool, often with undigested fat clearly visible; animals who eat their own feces; and animals who are clearly underweight despite big appetites.

Enzymes are particularly beneficial to older dogs who often slowdown in their natural ability to produce digestive enzymes.

Dr. Goodpet's Canine Enzymes are made from natural plant sources and come in a 7 oz. container of powder that can be sprinkled on your pet's food.

It contains different enzymes that breakdown various kinds of food. Protease is the enzyme that breaks down protein. Amylase works on carbohydrates and lipase on fat. shown by research to be highly effective, less costly, and with a wider range of activity than animal-based enzyme supplements.

Each 1750 mg (one tsp):
Protease - 16666 HUT
Amylase - 2000 DU
Acidophilus - 66 mill CFU
Lipase - 8.02 IU
Cellulase - 9 CU

Manufacturer: Dr. Goopet

Size: 7 oz.