DOGS IN THE HOOD brings us a new concept in family entertainment. Clever lyrics, great musicians, many musical styles and comedy are combined to bring joy to you with family fun for the holidays. This CD celebrates how our beloved canine friends view the holiday season, and shows us how dogs have become part of our family holiday history.

Wonderfully fun holiday music in every style genre from jazz to rap to classical to country.

OREEN ZEITLIN created DOGS IN THE HOOD in 1996, and in 1997 she recorded Hot! Hot! Hot! as well as Also Bark Zarathustra and the Beethoven K9th Symphony. She wrote stories of dogs and parody songs after rescuing her beloved Canaan Dog MAZAL, who found MS. ZEITLIN on Abraham Lincoln Street in Jerusalem. After receiving her passport, MAZAL traveled back to the United States. While living in New York City, this special dog learned to team up with the other members of the dog pack in the city’s Riverside Park. There she met and socialized with hundreds of dogs of every breed and mix.

We learn about these unique canines on DOGS IN THE HOOD: A HOLIDAY EXTRAVAGANZA, a debut CD. MAZAL is the wise sage doggie. She always comes up with the most ingenious solutions to problems. We invite you to meet each of the DOGS IN THE HOOD and learn about their quirky personalities as well as their personal machinations and triumphs.

OREEN ZEITLIN, Creator, Producer and Performer, is a graduate of the University of Illinois. She has attended the Eastman School of Music and the Mozarteum in Salzburg, Austria. She made her Carnegie Hall debut with Opera Orchestra of New York and has appeared on NPR National Radio, HBO, WBAI and WNYC Radio Stations. She is listed as one of the best American singers of Wagnerian Opera by the prestigious New York Wagner Society. She is a dog afficionado and her friends think she should be a stand up comic.

MS. ZEITLIN teamed up with the very talented IAN FINKEL as her musical director and arranger. Aside from being the world’s best mallet instrument player (Xylophone, vibes, marimba), MR. FINKEL is internationally renowned as a composer, arranger and professional writer of entertainment shows for stars such as Michael Feinstein. He has composed musical scores for both film and television. And talent comes from talent. He is the son of actor FYVUSH FINKEL of Fox TV’s BOSTON PUBLIC, who also appears as guest artist on this CD.

JENNIFER BERMAN, Cartoonist, brings us visual delights as illustrator of our canine characters. Her renderings of dogs shows extraordinary knowledge of the inner thinking of animals and how they express their feelings. She is a syndicated cartoonist, an illustrator and an author.


DOGS IN THE HOOD: A HOLIDAY EXTRAVAGANZA has just been released for the holiday season. This talented ensemble of singers, actors and musicians pool their talents, howls and barks to provide a new concept in family entertainment: songs and stories from the “Dog’s point of view.” Arranged in diverse musical styles, there is music
for everyone on this CD. Rap, Classical, Latino, storytelling, smooth jazz—all of your favorite holiday tunes re-arranged with funny new lyrics and a great beat.

OREEN ZEITLIN, Creator and Producer of DOGS IN THE HOOD, teamed up with musical director IAN FINKEL for this fun-filled musical romp with the dogs. Actor FYVUSH FINKEL of Fox’s BOSTON PUBLIC sings of how two dogs saved the Maccabees and created the holiday of Chanukah. The 12 Dogs of Christmas, Howl-le-lu-yah Chorus and The Little Beagle Dog are some of your favorite Christmas tunes revisited. Walkin’ in a Whippet Wonderland and Sleigh Ride help to bring in the Holiday cheer. Kwanzaa teaches us about the special Afro-American holiday celebration.

Manufacturer: Bid Daddy Music

Type: Holiday Pet-Themed Music CD

Size: 17 fabulous tracks