Citrus Magic Pet Shampoo. This naturally effective Pet Shampoo is made with 10% d-limonene, a natural citrus byproduct that is a pesticide-free alternative for flea control. Citrus Magic Pet Shampoo cleans, deodorizes, and conditions any pet's coat leaving it soft, shiny and citrus fresh. Its natural citrus fragrance is a pleasant alternative to other pet shampoos with their overpowering medicinal smells or artificial perfumes. The formula, which contains no phosphates and is environmentally friendly and naturally rich, cleans safely with a buffered formula to guard against skin irritation or dryness. This superlatively rich product lasts longer than ordinary pet shampoos and is very cost effective. Citrus Magic Pet Shampoo comes in an easy to use, no-mess 8 oz. bottle.

Manufacturer: Beaumont Products, Inc.

Type: Liquid Shampoo

Size: 8 oz.