New For 2003!! Our Top Selling Sea "Mobility" now packaged for the little guys!! Available in our great tasting Beef and Chicken Flavors!!

Sea "Mobility" provides mobility enhancement and flexibility improvement from the natural power of Sea Cucumber, MSM, and Glucosamine!

Sea "Mobility" Mighty Minis. USDA 1 inch squares - a perfect size for smaller dogs and for customers who require less costly expenditures. Besides its irresistable flavor, Sea "Mobility" is particularly helpful for On-The-Go Dogs such as Canine Athletes/Agility Dogs, Working/Service Dogs, Field/Hunting Dogs.

Dr. Nancy Scanlan D.V.M. reports that "All dogs, even those with normal joint function will benefit from this product" Additionally, she reminds us that, "as with all functional snack products, maximum benefit is obtained with continual use." Clinical veterinary studies have recently shown that glucosamine is effect as a preventative product as well as for remedial use.

Manufacturer: Ark Naturals

Type: Remedy Treat

Size: 2.85 oz. bag (approx. ct. 33)