A safe all natural herbal calming formula for stressed, nervous, or anxious pets. Eases separation and travel anxiety, motion sickness, and tension caused by changes in your pet's daily routine. Happy Traveler was designed by a nutrition and herbal scientist using premium, human-grade natural materials. Non habit-forming, no harmful side effects when used as directed.

What special ingredients does Happy Traveler feature?
Valerian: Mild sedative, sleep aid, helps relieves insomnia.
German chamomile: Relieves anxiety, relaxes the body.
Kava kava: Sedative, promotes relaxation, eases adjustment to new locations/conditions.
St.John's wort: May help relieves anxiety, depression, and nervousness.
Melatonin: Helps induce restfulness and normal sleep; aids jet lag when pets are taken on airplanes.

When should I use Happy Traveler?
To relax your pets in unfamiliar surroundings or during dramatic changes in their daily routines. When you need to socialize a nervous or excitable pet into a new environment
To relieve stress associated with visits to groomers, vets, kennel etc. To assist your pet during convalescence from surgery. During thunderstorms, fireworks, airline travel. When your pet is unduly stressed.

Half cat doses may be used on small mammals such as ferrets and rabbits.

Note: For occasional use as directed on label only. Do not use for more than 30 days consecutively. If behavior problems persist, consult your veterinarian, breeder, and/or trainer.

Each 500 mg Capsule Contains:
Valerian 100 mg
German Chamomile 100 mg
Kava Kava 50 mg
St. John's Wort 50 mg
Melatonin 300 mcg

Manufacturer: Ark Naturals

Type: Capsule

Size: 30 Count Bottle