Without essential fatty acids cells can not be formed or function properly. Essential fatty acids are the building blocks for prostaglandins which work to regulate hormones, immune and nervous systems plus cardiovascular function. This is why these fatty acids are called "essential fatty acids"(EFAs). Researchers now consider EFAs to be as vital to our health and our pets' health as vitamins and minerals. The body can not make essential fatty acids from other substances. They need to be included in our diet and our pet's diet. The two essential fatty acids are called linoleic acid (Omega - 6) and alpha-linolenic acid (Omega - 3).

These essential fatty acids are delicate food components and are easily modified or destroyed by the temperature necessary to cook and process food. EFAs are very sensitive to light, oxygen and heat which will cause them to turn rancid. The modern western diet with the commercial refinement of fats have eliminated most of the essential fatty acids from our foods. Studies have shown the ratio of Omega - 6 to Omega - 3 to be equally important. A ratio of about 4 to 1 (Omega - 6 to Omega - 3) is considered optimum. The modern western diet has a ratio of 20 - 1 or higher. This is especially true in commercial pet foods.

EFA oils. The formula includes Marine Lipids (preformed EPA & DHA) and Borage Oil (preformed GLA) plus Lecithin, Spirulina and Trace Minerals from Sea Plants to assist the body in the production of good prostaglandins. This is what makes this a superior EFA supplement for your pet.

Skin and coat formula 8 oz Oil (all human grade ingredients for dogs and cats.)

Essential Fatty Acids are as vital to your pets health as vitamins and minerals. They are especially important for healthy skin and coat.

This formula replenishes essential fatty acids that are missing from their foods.

Flax Oil, Marine Lipids, Lecithin, Vitamin E and Tocopherols, Rosemary

Give one teaspoon per 40 lbs. of bodyweight. Mix with food. They'll love the taste!

Manufacturer: Merritt Naturals

Type: oil

Size: 8 oz. Bottle